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Where & When: Game 31

Welcome one and all; we’re back with another round of Where & When.  Still looking for interesting pics and anecdotes to go along with them, searching for little twists to challenge you with. All in a few minutes of feverish work or days of planning? Doesn’t matter, we have fun.

Take this pic for example:

Where & When Game 31

Easy, right? You’ve seen that building before, and you can still see it if you like.  But you know me by now, it’s not that simple.  I want to know if you can tell me where the photographer was standing when this picture was taken.  There are obvious clues and not-so obvious to help you figure that out, so you won’t need any clues from me.  When it was taken shouldn’t be too hard to figure out either, though I will accept an approximation in lieu of an exact date.  As a bonus, name two prominent buildings in the picture.

Your favorite root beer in a decanter if you are the first with the answers, your favorite cream soda in a spritzer bottle for all follow-ups and a scoop of ice cream for the bonus.  Be fair, don’t look at the photo credit for the answer and show your math (which means something this time around).  I’ll be back in the afternoon (hopefully) with the answers.  Hmm, and full credit will be given only for complete answers and proof of your strategy; that means you won’t get credit for only answering one question per comment, but feel free to utilize the comments to map your strategy before presenting.  Have fun!

[Photo credit: NYC Past]



1 TheGreenMan   ~  Jan 16, 2014 10:46 am

From the angle, I'd guess that the photographer was standing on the Northwest corner of E 30th and Madison looking South.

I'm terrible with years, but the Seville was built in 1904, so...sometime after that?

2 TheGreenMan   ~  Jan 16, 2014 10:48 am

Oh, and that's the Met Life Tower there. Built in 1909, so...sometime after that?

3 rbj   ~  Jan 16, 2014 12:53 pm

Sear for Hotel Seville brought up the Spanish one, had to add New York, which also brought up the Carlton so I added Madison Avenue.

Metropolitan Life building in front, above named hotel to the right, and google images brought up this Shorpy's page (not photo credit)

Taken in the intersection of Madison & 30th?

4 rbj   ~  Jan 16, 2014 12:55 pm

To be fairn it says "circa 1909" so. . . 1910, 11?

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