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Welcome Back: Yanks 10, Orioles 4

Posted By Alex Belth On June 23, 2004 @ 8:31 am In Bronx Banter | Comments Disabled

Camden Yards [1] was a sight for sore eyes [2] indeed. The Baltimore Orioles walked 13 [3] Yankee batters last night, and Alex Rodriguez hit two home runs as the Bronx Bombers cruised to victory [4]. Derek Jeter added a three-run shot, and after a choppy first inning, Mike Mussina [5] retired the last twelve men he faced. The game [6] could have been more of a blow-out if the Yankees didn’t waste several scoring opportunities in the middle innings. Brett Prinz walked the bases-loaded in the eighth inning forcing Tom Gordon to close the game out. Gary Sheffield [7] sat out after receiving a cortisone shot in his left shoulder, where he is suffering from bursitis (he is day-to-day). In addition, it doesn’t look as if Kevin Brown [8] will pitch against the Sox next week; a throwing session has been bumped back to Friday and Brown will probably have one rehab start before he rejoins the big league club.

The Red Sox [9] pounded the Twins [10] behind strong performances from Curt Schilling [11] and Nomar Garciaparra [12] to remain four-and-a-half behind New York. However, the results of last night’s games were a footnote to the breaking news that Jose Contreras’ wife and two children had defected from Cuba [13]. Contreras [14] flew to Florida last night where he was reunited with his family. In the photographs I’ve seen, Contreras looked calm and peaceful with his tired and confused baby-girl in his arms. His wife Miriam has dark skin, a round face, and an inviting smile. His eldest daughter looked directly into the cameras. I can only imagine how surreal the events of the past two days must have been for them.

This is warming news, and I’m happy for Contreras [15] and the women in his life. Whether or not this will change his performance on the field, who is to say? It makes for a nice fantasy, though I don’t know how piece of mind and mental stability will speed-up Contreras’ plodding delivery. Still, before we get ahead of ourselves [16], it’s a nice story to soak in this morning.

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