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Red Sox 9, Yanks 6

Posted By Alex Belth On July 26, 2004 @ 8:31 am In Bronx Banter | Comments Disabled

The Red Sox [1] pounded Jose Contreras [2] one more time…Surprised? While the Yankees didn’t go easily (Timlin, Foulke), their pitching failed [3] them once again as the Sox took two of three over the weekend. Saturday’s histrionics aside [4], the Yankees can’t be too upset about how the weekend panned-out considering who they were throwing against Boston (Kevin Millar [5] was a one-man wrecking crew). After Friday’s demoralizing loss, the Sox bounced back and won two games they had to have. The Yankees lead is seven-and-a-half games (eight in the loss column). John Harper [6] reports in the Daily News:

The weekend was far from a disaster for the Yankees, however. Roughing up Sox ace Curt Schilling [7] in the opener Friday night was surely more significant than anything that happened the last two days – including Alex Rodriguez’s [8] rumble with Jason Varitek [9].

The Sox can argue that beating Mariano Rivera with a walk-off home run on Saturday qualifies as their uplifting moment of the year, but beating Schilling ensured the Yankees of leaving town with a 7-1/2-game lead, in firm control of the AL East.

One thing is almost certain: Boss George has put a full-court-press on his general manager Brian Cashman to get a deal done this week. The Yankee pitching staff is in bad shape. So let the rumors fly. Newsday [10] reports that the Los Angeles Dodgers are a darkhorse candidate to land Randy Johnson [11]–who struck out 14 batters yesterday. It has been widely reported that the Yankees do not have enough good prospects to complete a trade. However, according to the New York Times [12], Bryan Lambe, an Arizona scout thinks the Yankees have some talent to offer:

“The ones that I more or less wrote up, yes, they would definitely help,” Lambe said. “They wouldn’t just help the Diamondbacks, they’d help every organization. But it’s a matter of what they would be giving up. They’d be giving up, to a certain extent, the face of the Diamondbacks right now. I don’t know what their thinking is.”

…”They do have prospects, and they have fairly good prospects,” Lambe said. “But do they have, for example, a David Wright or someone along those lines, a can’t-miss prospect? No, because they haven’t had a lot of first-round picks. But I’m not going to say I don’t like their guys. I do like their guys.”

…”There are a whole lot of guys who wind up being very productive, longtime big league players who weren’t rated as great players coming up,” Lambe said. “It’s my job to scratch a little bit and see what I think will happen in the future.”

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