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News Update – 11/26/09

Posted By Diane Firstman On November 26, 2009 @ 10:58 am In Diane Firstman,News of the Day | Comments Disabled

Today’s update features the Muppets tackling Queen:

  • John Perrotto [1] writes about the Yank’s gameplan for the off-season:

General manager Brian Cashman still hasn’t mapped out his winter strategy, waiting until he meets with managing general partner Hal Steinbrenner and his brother Hank next week. “Once I get some firm numbers then I can go ahead and start putting together some ideas,” Cashman said.

The Yankees actually lowered their payroll from $209 million in 2008 to $201 million in 2009. The general feeling is Steinbrenners will tell Cashman to hold the line for 2010. “I think the big picture is to be real efficient with how we allocate our resources,” Cashman said. “Obviously, last year showed examples of, depending who it is, we can step up in a big way. I think we’re going to try to be careful. Careful doesn’t mean slow. We’re trying to spend it wisely, make the right commitments to use for the present and the future.”

  • Johnny Damon [2] wants to come back to the Bronx.
  • Happy 40th birthday to one-time hot prospect Sam Militello [3].
  • Jay Howell [4] turns 54 today.
  • Larry Gura [5] turns 62 today.
  • Former long-time coach Jeff Torborg [6] turns 68 today.
  • Former “Baseball Toaster” blogger Jon Weisman [7] (Dodger Thoughts) turns 42 today.  Happy Birthday Jon!

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!  See you Monday.

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