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Robert Creamer died yesterday. He was one of the old school Sports Illustrated writers. Later, he was an editor at the magazine, as well as the author of major biographies on Babe Ruth [2] and Casey Stengel. Creamer was also featured in Ken Burns’ Baseball documentary.

Read this piece on Creamer by Jack McCallum [3]. (The Times doesn’t have an obit posted yet.)


Just last week, I ran across a letter Creamer once wrote to the New York Times concerning John Lardner [5]:

Admirers of fine writing about sports consider John Lardner to be at least the equal and possibly the superior of such masters of the craft as Red Smith and W. C. Heinz. If he had lived longer, there is little doubt that he would have produced more excellent work, but what John Lardner achieved was certainly what his vast talent promised.

Amen, to that.

Dig this 2002 article by David Margolick [6] on a gang of baseball writers–including Lawrence Ritter, Ray Robinson and Creamer–that got together every month to schmooze.

Here’s a sampling of Creamer’s work from SI:

On Ty Cobb [7];  Yogi [8]; Mickey Mantle; [9] Roger Maris [10]; Al Lopez [11]; Avery Brundage [12]; the greatest Yankee team ever [13];  autograph hounds [14]; and the unbarnacled truth [15].

Check out the big excerpt [16]SI ran from his Ruth biography. And while we’re at it, how about another [17]?

Finally, here is a terrific 1964 profile on Vin Scully, “The Transistor Kid.” [18]

Rest in Peace.

[Photo Credit: Georgia Fowler [19]]

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