"A New York Treasure" --Village Voice

Welcome To The Big Leagues, Phil Hughes . . .


. . . you’re not in Trenton anymore.

 Hughes warming up in the outfield with a bullpen catcher.

Taking the long walk in from the pen with pitching coach Ron Guidry.

Hughes taking the field for his first major league game. In the lower right corner, bench coach Don Mattingly heads to the dugout after handing in the lineup card.

Hughes places his glove on the grass behind the mound before the national anthem.

Standing for "O Canada" with Mientkiewicz, Matsui, Damon, Abreu and the ball boy in the background. 

Digging in.

Taking his warmups.


And finally, Phil Hughes’ first major league pitch:

That first pitch was low and inside to Alex Rios. Judging by the Yankee stadium radar gun, Hughes was otherthrowing in the first inning (two runs on three hits and a wild pitch). He was throwing his devistating curve for strikes, but missing with his fastball, which the juiced Stadium gun clocked as high as 96 miles per hour. He settled down after the first, easing up on the fastball and throwing it 92-93 mph for strikes (one walk, one hit, no runs, 3 Ks from the second through fourth innings). By the fifth, he had passed 80 pitches and the excitement of the day plus his raw pitch count clearly had him winded as his velocity dropped to 90 mph (again on the juiced Stadium gun). Hughes worked in his changeup, which is close to ten miles per hour slower than his heater, but that curve is a good 20 mph slower than the number one and a truly impressive major league out-pitch. The Yankees are expected to announce today whether or not Hughes will make a second start before being sent back down to Scranton.

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