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Welp, the strange 2020 season ended on a sour note for the Yanks. Tough noogies for Mr. Chapman once again.

Yanks had fight in them but the loss still smarts. But I can’t pretend this one impacted me that much. I mean, I didn’t watch an entire game all year long until the playoffs, the first time that’s happened since I started following the game in the late ’70s, so I was less emotionally-involved that normal. Still feels weird to me that professional sports are carrying on this year.

Anyhow, I’ll be pulling for the Dodgers and Rays (for all their celebrating, well-deserved as it was, the Rays better not spit the bit now).

Never mind the Blues:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

Game Five: What Do Ya Got?

The Yanks beat the Rays in Game 4 on the strength of good pithing—and a sterling showing from the bullpen—and a couple of big hits, including a towering home run by Gleyber Torres.

That gives a Game 5 win-or-go-home scenario tonight.

We pause for a moment, however, to tip our cap to Whitey Ford, who died last night at the age of 91. Ford was the biggest of big game pitchers for the Yanks during their dynasty years. We salute the Chairman of the Board.

And tonight, we’ll be watching and rooting for our guys.

Never mind the nerves:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!


Get Your Back Up Off the Wall

Yanks on the brink.

Never mind the preamble:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!


Yanks and Rays on Vacation in San Diego—The Deuce

Yanks won Game 1. Their stud pitcher wasn’t great but he showed toughness; Giancarlo Stanton put the cherry on top in the 9th with a grand slam.

Game 2 tonight gives a rookie on the hill for the Yanks. Exciting.

Never mind the sunset:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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Yanks vs. Rays: Game One

The Rays handled the Yanks this season. They had the best record in the league and will be a handful for our Bombers. Irregardless—as some citizens in the Bronx still like to say—we’ll be here root-root-rooting for our boys.

Never mind the nonsense:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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Game Two

First one went well. What about tonight?

Never mind the cardboard cut-outs:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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Game One

Yanks vs. the Tribe.

Two great pitchers on the mound.

Never mind the empty seats:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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Wait—It’s Baseball Season, Right?

Goddamn, talk about remiss. They’re still playing baseball and I can’t even bother to put up a new post. Sorry about that for those of you who still come by. That’s my bad. But the lack of posts here is an indication of just how little I’ve been paying attention.

But I understand games are happening. I even check the box scores to prove it. And I saw the Yanks were playing poorly for a few weeks and seem to have regained their footing.

What am I missing? Anything you guys enjoying in particular?

Baseball, Sometimes

Winds light to variable.

Picture by Bags.

Is This Thing On?

I’ve been a bad host. Remiss. Haven’t hardly left the light on.

Well, here’s a new thread because they are still playing baseball. I have to admit, I have not been watching much. Haven’t seen anything in at least a week. But in my heart, I’m always root-root-rootin’ for the Bombers.

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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You Don’t Say?

The Yankees might have a shameful history of racism but turns out I was presumptuous in calling them horseshit for inviting President Trump to throw out the first pitch at a game in August. Turns out, according to this New York Times report, that Trump made it up. The Yanks weren’t in on it at all. A sliver of inconsequential good news in this otherwise cockamamie time.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program.

Hello, I Must Be Going

So, you say there’s gonna be professional sports during a pandemic, eh?

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Game Two

More baseball.

Have at it.

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Lump Lump

On a day when former Yankee Mariano Rivera visited the White House and it was reported that President Trump has been invited to throw out the first pitch at a Yankee game in August—both horseshit moves that are unsurprising yet repellent—the Yankees beat the Nationals in a ran-shortened season opener in Washington. The Final was 4-1. Giancarlo Stanton hit a very long home run.

Both teams took a knee before the game to honor Black Lives Matter proving that even in the ultra conservative world of baseball—and specifically the Yankee organization—all is not lost.

Ready … Set … Sprint!

Baseball in the time of COVID. Go figure.

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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Mind the Gap

Texted with a friend last night who has been watching some of the televised pre-season action and reports that he likes the game without fans. I have not watched a lick of anything yet. Still seems crazy that they are going to go through with this but there you have it. MLB baseball is upon us.

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Play … Ball?

They actually gonna go through with this cockamamie season?

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The Sun RZAs in the East

© Bronx Terminal Market 2020; Universal Hip Hop Museum {R}Evolution of Hip Hop; VIP Party 2019

So this happened:

Fellow Banterite Mr. OK Jazz Tokyo beckoned to Fearless Leader and me for a contribution to a podcast he was working on with some good ol’ NYC-style Hip-Hop, and of course my big mouth said if you gave me a minute and a theme, I could come up with an hour’s worth of tracks; or something like that. Jazz took me up on that and so I dove into my reserves and off the top of my head (as is the wont of anyone who was or is “about that life”) and with a little editing, I created a playlist that lightly (hah!) spans the Golden Era and into the present of that beloved genre of street flavor… and boy, is it salty!

Representing the Jeep-banging Boom-Bap of the five boroughs from back in the day to the still-glowing embers of the underground are 19 tracks featuring legends mainstream and not, including a couple of less-heralded veterans whom are well worth researching if you wonder where all the good Hip-Hop has gone (please don’t answer that, we have already know).

After that, Jazz asked me to tell you all, which admittedly I was hesitant to do at first; not because of the largely NSFW (and I sincerely stress that if you’re unfamiliar with how Hip-Hop generally works) content, but because I’m actually rather modest about showcasing my own creations on a site that’s not actually my own, but then Mr. Belth called porkscrubs (or something of the sort) on that and encouraged me to share. And really, this is a group effort; I made the selections and Jazz and company put them together in a podcast, so who am I to not appreciate that and share it with the rest of the family?

So it is with great pleasure, and with the blessings of Fearless Leader, that we present to you all the way from NY to Tokyo and back, the K.O.L. Radio New York City Hip Hop Mix (by yours truly!) And remember; whether you like Hip Hop or not, the spirit of the streets has begun to be heard again in the darkness of the hour, and we’re here to help >;)

Don’t Make Me Laugh

I don’t know about you guys but I just don’t see a season happening this year. And if it does, I am not sure how much of it I can stand—no fans in the ballparks, constant worry that the players will expose themselves to the novel coronavirus. Things have been so strange this year, why not just pack it in and hope to start fresh in the spring.

Much as I love watching baseball I can’t say I miss it. Things are just too weird to allow myself the escape of watching a ballgame. But that’s just me.

Hope you all are hanging in and doing as well as can be expected during this cockamamie moment in history.

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Creepin’ (Score Bard Remix)

Credit: https://ya-webdesign.com/imgdownload.html

With major apologies to Stevie Wonder, all the former denizens of Baseball Toaster and basically everyone on Planet Earth dealing firsthand with our pandemic, I nevertheless bring you a throwback to lighter times…

I can hear you sayin’
you’ll stay six feet away and
When will it be
That we can creep…
Back to our teams
On the beach we’re sittin’
Observing social distancin’
When will it be
We get to creep…
Back to our teams
Watch our teams…
When I’m sleep at night beybey
I contemplate some herd immunity
When you sleep at night beybey…
I wonder do I creep into your dreams
Or could it be I sleep alone cuz of quarantine…
Opening’s complicated,
Uh, uh, uh, ah-choo!!!
How players are compensated,
As you can see,
Still too soon to creep…
Back to our teams
Watch our teams…
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