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Lettuce Entertain You

The Yankees and Scott Boras are still grinding out Alex Rodriguez’s contract. Yesterday some details emerged about the milestone bonuses that will be included. Seems the contract will get around the fact that player contracts are not allowed to include bonuses connected to performance by terming each milestone along the way to the career home run record an “event,” and then compensating Rodriguez handsomely for personal appearances and memorabilia connected to each event (specifically career home runs 660, 714, 755, and the eventual career record).

It’s all just a lot of money none of us reading this will ever see, but it’s evidence that progress is indeed being made on Rodriguez’s contract.

Meanwhile, the Times has some fun with the Toledo Mud Hens contract offer to Rodriguez by trying to figure out how his production would translate to the minors, and los amigos Robinson Cano and Melky Cabrera have popped up in a reggaeton video (see Cano dance at :49, see Melky lip-synch at 1:06, and see Melky credited at “Melkys Cabrera” at 1:09; Jose Reyes pops up later on as well). Expect to hear “Pa La Tumba” during their at-bats in early 2008.

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