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Yankee Panky # 40: The Dead Zone

LAS VEGAS – Greetings from The Strip, where it’s only slightly warmer than New York and baseball is only a figment of people’s imaginations.

Because of a certain football game being overhyped Glendale, Arizona, diamond news rides in the backseat this week. This is a difficult time for the baseball beat men to manage; Super Bowl week signifies the countdown to a six-week stay in Florida or Arizona, and usually, a lull in news.

That will likely not be the case this year, as Robinson Cano’s contract news came through late last week, and Chien-Ming Wang will not be too far behind.

The writers are lurking, culling information on the whereabouts of Johan Santana, who could still be moved, and of course, the steroid hearings in front of Congress on Feb. 13, which may take some of the luster off of teams’ arrivals to camp.

As for us, we’ll be watching it all, doing our think like usual.

In the meantime, enjoy New York vs. Boston, and if you’re into wagering, take the points.

Until next week …

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