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Here are a couple of letters I recieved recently via e-mail:


Thanks for the baseball memories. Spring’s not so far away, and it
feels closer than ever with Yanks reporting, and the various media
frenzies in full bloom, and yes Steinbrenner’s a bad loser and sometimes
worse than that, but it all finds perspective sometimes, and it can be
the smallest thing, like the bullpen boys calling Chris Hammond’s best
pitch ‘the Bugs Bunny Change’. Thank god baseball’s back. (Tho’ in my
day, I thought Bugs called it ‘The Slow Ball’.)

Cheers. HARLEY.

Bugs’ slow ball resulted in the famous “strike-one, stike-two, strike-three, yer out (x 3)” dismantling of the nefarious Gashouse Gorillas. But nothing was better than the last pitch Bugs threw that day, when he announced:

Watch me paste this pathetic palooka with a
powerful, paralyzing, perfect, packi-dermis, percussion pitch.

This item appeared over the AP wire. Somehow, I missed it but it was brought to my attention this morning:


An elderly man dressed in a a Yankee baseball uniform was taken into custody
today at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. Police, answering a call
from museum authorities about a disturbance in the picture galleries, were
forced to arrest the man who, according to gallery goers, was ranting
incoherently about “plumbing” “Tintoretto” and “windowsills.” One
eyewitness complained: “You should have heard what he was yelling about

No further details were available.

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