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The newly revamped Veteran’s Committee didn’t select anyone for the Hall of Fame yesterday. Gil Hodges, Tony Oliva and Ron Santo had the best showings.
Personal favorites, Minnie Minoso and Curt Flood weren’t even close. Marvin Miller didn’t make it either, but seemed to take the news in stride:

“The way I see it, I received over 75% of the players’ vote,” Miller said philosophically by phone from New York. “I harken back to when I was first elected as executive director. Although managers, coaches and trainers were all considered management, they voted and, despite that, I won 489-136. I guess I have to conclude after all those gains we made for the players, I’ve lost ground.”

Miller chuckled as he said it, but later admitted his disappointment. “I’m understandably disappointed, but you have to put it in context,” he said. “I’d said in the past I thought it was doubtful I’d be elected. It was an honest appraisal, and so it’s not disappointing in that I expected it.”

Bill Madden reports on the mildly suprising turn of events in the News, and Dave Anderson does the same in the Times.

After all the build up, I was bummed that nobody was elected, but I suppose nobody was better than Gil Hodges, despite tremendous local sentiment for the ex-Brooklyn Dodger.

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