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Peter Gammons’ latest details the Yankees’ off-season plans. The priority in the Bronx? Pitching, pitching, pitching. But Gammons suspects the Yankees will also sign Gary Sheffield, and then move Alfonso Soriano to the outfield, making Bernie Williams a DH, and creating an opening for a good fielding second baseman.

Is A-Rod likely to end up in Boston? According to a report coming out of the Dominican Republic, the Sox and the Yanks are the only two teams Rodriguez would consider playing for. Gammons adds:

There seems to be some feeling that the ice is beginning to melt on their Manny Ramirez-Alex Rodriguez offer, which would save the Rangers $96 million in present-day value. Ramirez, Rodriguez and the Red Sox want the deal, and the way the A-Rod-Buck Showalter-John Hart freeze is going, if they don’t do the deal, they might not be there at this time next year.

I don’t think I’m being overly paranoid in thinking that the Sox could actually pull off a blockbuster deal that would bring Rodriguez to Beantown. Do you?

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