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I Amuse You?

In his latest column, Peter Gammons has this to say about Boston fans:

The inferiority obsession of a small group of Red Sox “fans” when it comes to the Yankees hit a new low this weekend when several saw Jeter and A-Rod eating at The Capital Grille on Newbury Street and hurled vocal and demonstrative obscenities at the pair…The current ownership’s attention to security kept problems in the park at a minimum, and the chants of “you used steroids” with every Jason Giambi at-bat were amusing.

Why were the chants amusing to Gammons if he was offended by what Jeter and Rodriguez experienced? Because they happened at the ballpark? Unless of course, Gammons is saying that Giambi did use performance-enhancing drugs and therefore deserved to be knocked. His very next bullet point reads:

However, while one can debate the rights and wrongs of using supplements that were legal — from andro to human growth hormones — there are too many rumors that at least one of the players on the BALCO list did not tell the truth to the grand jury to think this is just going to fade away.

It sounds to me like Gammons is insinuating that Giambi was indeed a steroid-user–if not a liar–without flat-out saying it. What gives?

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