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Dodgers 6, Yankees 3

Hey, where is your sense of humor?

In their first game at Dodger Stadium since the 1981 World Serious, the Yankees picked up right where they left off, playing listless baseball and blowing a lead to the home team, losing 6-3. Jeff Weaver out-pitched Javier Vazquez, and the Dodgers bullpen cleaned the Bombers’ clock in the final three innings. Although he scored a run, Alex Rodriguez failed to reach base safely, his streak of consecutive games on base ending at 53. The Yankees’ lead is down to three-and-a-half as the Sox out-lasted the Giants in San Francisco.

It was a rare night of misery for Vazquez, who after the game told reporters that he had “nothing.” He wasn’t far off. Vazquez pitched defensively, with caution all evening. Jason Giambi made a key error which led to Los Angeles tying the game at three. Later, Vazquez made a throwing error of his own, and he threw three wild pitches to boot.

In all, it was a forgettable night for the visiting team. (I see Cliff Corcoran was up late after the game, restless, just like me.) The crowd happily cheered “Yank-ees suck” for most of the game and were sent home in good spirits. It was a frustrating game to watch, but the Yankees didn’t deserve to win it the way they played. It was no fun hearing the “Yank-ees suck,” chant, but then again, I hate hearing any crowd cheering that any team sucks (especially at Yankee Stadium). Why not, “Beat the Yanks,” or even “Screw the Yanks?” That’s honest and acceptable. But “Yank-ees suck” is just plain incorrect. You may hate them, but they don’t suck.

Aw, I’m just sore. But you know who I was most upset with after last night? New York sports radio personality Mike Francesa, the Yankee-half of the Mike and the Mad Dog (re: Fatso and Fruit Loops) show. I caught the tail-end of their show yesterday afternoon and Francesa was licking his chops at the thought of Weaver pitching against his erstwhile team. He’ll fold, he can’t pitch in a pressure situation Francesa crowed. Further, he couldn’t wait to see Gagne have to save a game against the big, bad Yankees. Francesa has chided Gagne all season long. Welp, Mike, you got what you wanted. Happy, round man?

Spitefully, I was happy to see the Dodgers stick it to smug Yankee fans like Francesa, who obviously haven’t been paying too close attention to the Dodgers this year. Big, fat know-it-all gavone.

After winning the first two games of this road trip behind Contreras and Sturtze, the Yanks have now dropped two straight with Lieber and Vazquez on the mound. Hopefully, the bats show up later this afternoon for the rookie Halsey against wack-ass Hideo Nomo, otherwise it could be a long fuggin weekend for us Yankee fans.

Finally, the Yankees moved Mr. Porno star, Gabe White, cash and a player to be named later to the Reds for a minor league southpaw.

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