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The Mets come to Yankee Stadium for three games this weekend; they will be followed by the Boston Red Sox for three more next week. After that, the Bombers travel to Queens for finish interleague play for the season. It is sure to be hype-week here in New York. But the Yanks have three games in Baltimore before we get to the hysteria. Hopefully, they will concentrate on the task at hand, because though Baltimore’s pitching is awful, they can certainly score some runs. Plus, after the losing to New York six times this year, you figure they’ll be amped for this series. I haven’t checked the papers yet, but I believe the Yanks will be throwing Mussina, Lieber and Vazquez against the O’s. Oh, what a comforting feeling that is.

Is anyone actually excited about the so-called Subway Serious this year? I know I’m not. The Mets have never won a season series from the Yankees yet, and since they seem to be playing well against good teams in 2004, perhaps this is their year. I could see it happening. But you know me, I’m a superstitious sort. What’s on your mind? Is everyone pumped about next week or what?

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