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Back Again

Jeez, with all the hype in the morning papers you’d think the Red Sox are in town or something. But that’s what professionals get paid to do, right? (Pump, Pump, Pump, Pump You Up!) While there isn’t any news, or particularly interesting information, the gist of it is, the Red Sox have been mediocre since beating up on the Yankees early in the year. They could use a good kick in the pants and hope that playing in the Bronx will get them rolling again. Meanwhile, the Yankees have played well since April and would like to perform better against their arch rivals. Tonight may be New York’s best shot, as Javier Vazquez goes against Derek Lowe. Tomorrow gives Jon Lieber vs. Tim Wakefield, followed by Prince Pedro vs. the rookie Brad Halsey on Thursday.

Red Sox fans will be amused by the fact that George Steinbrenner has aimed his most pointed criticism at struggling first baseman Jason Giambi and not the Red Sox. Here is some of the old Knute Rockne, as told to the New York Times:

“I think he has to want to get back out there,” Steinbrenner said. “I think that’s the thing. I think he will. There is no reason for him not to be out there.”

…When Steinbrenner was asked if his comments meant that he thought Giambi had some reason for not playing, he said: “I hope he doesn’t. I hope he isn’t that way. That wouldn’t be the guy we thought we got.”

Be sure and peep the Red Sox sites listed on the right-hand column here, including of course, Bambino’s Curse, Boston Dirt Dogs, The House that Dewey Built, Surviving Grady, The Joy of Sox, and The Soxaholix

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