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The place to be for Met fans is the newly-formed MetsGeek.com, which has a roster of eight writers, including Jeremy Heit and Matt Gelb. Andrew Hintz has a good interview with veteran New York sportswiter, Bob Klapisch up today. I like this exchange:

MetsGeek.com: …Who’s the best interview on the Mets?

Bob Klapisch: The best interview on the Mets right now, when he feels like it: Mike Piazza. He’s a very thoughtful, opinionated guy. He’s intelligent, and well-read, he’s well-spoken and can fill up your notebook on subjects besides baseball, but you need to catch Mike on a good day and that’s not very often. Usually he’s not even at his locker, he just doesn’t want to go through the whole interview process so he’ll just hide out in the player’s lounge or the trainer’s room and will make a point of avoiding reporters. Even the days when he is at his locker it’s hit or miss as to whether or not he feels like talking. The most consistent, polite and thoughtful guy is probably Tom Glavine. David Wright is such a nice guy that it’s unbelievable I mean, I hope he never changes. He’s the type of guy that you’d want to be friends with, that’s how open and honest and accommodating he is, you always feel like you’re welcome at his locker.

MetsGeek.com: Best interview in baseball?

Bob Klapisch: Overall, the best interview in baseball, in my career, is David Cone. I’d say the New York Met David Cone, by the time he got to the Yankees he had changed a little bit and he had gotten caught up in that Yankee corporate thing, where you need to be careful what you say. That philosophy tends to pervade everywhere, top to bottom in the organization, and it acts as a filter to how they answer even the most mundane question. So even David was influenced by that by the time he was at Yankee Stadium, but as a Met you couldn’t find a more honest guy to tell you exactly what he was thinking all the time, regardless of how controversial, and I will miss him.

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1 Dan M   ~  Mar 28, 2005 3:54 pm

1.  Not that this has anything to do with this post, but, Alex, thanks for getting your links on this site. I missed having all of those sites (and your archives) at my fingertips.

2 Jeremy Heit   ~  Mar 28, 2005 4:40 pm

2.  Hey Alex, thanks so much for the linkage...

3 Alex Belth   ~  Mar 28, 2005 6:54 pm

3.  Jeremy: It is my pleasure. The site looks great. I look forward to following what y'all have to say about the Mets as the season unfolds.

Dan: You can thank Cliff. He's been doing all the behind the scenes leg work, putting those links up. Actually, we didn't have the capability to post the links until a few days ago. But I agree, the site did seem naked without them.

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