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Strange Brewings

As the Yankee fight another uphill battle against the Angels in the Bronx, the Boston Globe is reporting that the Mets-Red Sox and Devil Rays are in seriously considering a blockbuster trade. Dig this:

Under the principal scenario discussed by the teams — according to one of the clubs involved in the negotiations — the Red Sox would receive infielder/outfielder Aubrey Huff from the Devil Rays and outfielder Mike Cameron from the Mets. The Mets would receive Ramirez from the Sox and closer Danys Baez from the Devil Rays. Tampa Bay would receive a number of prospects, possibly from both clubs. If the Sox have to deal a prospect, it could be Double-A pitcher Anibal Sanchez.

”I’m not sure this thing is really going to happen, but it’s definitely being discussed,” the source said.

Lean back. It would be something if this one goes down. But hold the phone. According to ESPN’s Jayson Stark, talks hit a roadblock this afternoon:

“I don’t know if it’s completely dead,” said an official of one of the three teams. “But it’s hit a roadblock … unless someone has some other thoughts.”

A source said the Red Sox felt they could not go ahead with trading Ramirez and two prime prospects — reportedly catcher Kelly Shoppach and right-hander Anibal Sanchez — if all they were receiving was New York’s Cameron and Tampa Bay’s Huff. So they went back to the Mets “for more pieces,” the source reported. At that point, the Mets “squashed the whole thing” and talks broke off.

A baseball man with knowledge of the discussions said the Red Sox asked the Mets for a “key player,” whom the Mets felt they couldn’t trade.

An official of another club that spoke with the Mets on Friday night said the Mets also had reservations about going ahead with the deal because they would have had to assume all $64 million of Ramirez’s contract, and that would have put them both over budget and over the luxury-tax threshhold.

So, is this much ado about nuthin’ or will the Sox trade Manny by Sunday?

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1 rbj   ~  Jul 29, 2005 6:54 pm

1.  Huff + Cameron does not equal Manny. Shea is a pitcher's park, I wonder what his stats will look like there.
If the prospects are decent, Tampa may be the winner. For baseball's sake it would be nice for them to have a half-way decent club.

2 tocho   ~  Jul 29, 2005 7:01 pm

2.  I really hate these games in which the players really seem to don't care if they lose.

they suck tonight.

3 JeremyM   ~  Jul 29, 2005 7:24 pm

3.  This is definitely one of the worst losses on the year. Mussina throws a real good game and we can't beat Santana and his 5+ ERA? And not THAT Santana? Them's the breaks, but we really need to start beating this Angels club. Now we'll see what Chacon has got.

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