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Time’s Up

“If you have to hang in there beyond your time for the applause, if your happiness is in the hands of others, you’re in trouble. After you quit, though, there’s a long time between Monday and Friday.”

Johnny Bench speaking about Pete Rose to Canadian novelist/sports writer Mordecai Richler, March 1985.

I ran across the quote and couldn’t help but think of the situation Bernie’s in–almost at the end of the road. Will he come back next year as a part-timer, or go someplace else and be a part-timer? Hello Walt Frazier on the Cavs? Will he call it quits? Bench retired when he was 35. Remember Brosius hanging it up pretty early a couple of years ago? Never know when a guy is ready to walk away do you?

I could see Bernie moving on from the game pretty easily. But you never know, maybe it’ll be tough for him as well. I’m sure it’s not that simple either way. He’s only been playing baseball his entire adult life.

No matter what Bernabee decides to do I wish him the best of luck. Bernie has had an excellent career and I like him as much as I’ve ever liked any Yankee. I’d love to see him back in Ruben Sierra’s role next year but I’m also fine if he’s gone too. It’ll be down to Mariano and Jeter and Jorge. Time marches on, what are you gunna do?

To see Bernie’s career numbers check out the nifty new “Yankees in Flux” link section that Cliff hooked up to your right. Proper.

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