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Couple Few Things

I thought that we would all be spending a good deal of time during the Hot Stove season talking about Labor/ Management politcs. But it looks like that won’t happen. Go figure. Talk about an unexpected, but happy surprise.

Here are two Yankee items of interest in today’s Daily News:

1. Scott Boras says Alex Rodriguez will be a Yankee next year.

2. According to Bill Madden, the Yankees plan to pick-up Gary Sheffield’s option only to trade him.

Elsewhere, Jack Curry has a piece on Joe Girardi today in the Times; Mike Plugh has a knucklehead idea; SG takes a closer look at Mr. Matsuzaka, and finally, Steve Goldman and I chatted about Curt Flood recently, and our conversation is part of the latest installment of “The Pinstriped Bible.”

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