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Eat and be Chubby

Happy Holidays to everyone. Hope you and yours have a safe and satiating day of it. It’s raining, windy and cold here in New York. Still no word from the Yanks regarding Mike Mussina’s physical but that is likely just a formality. Hey, at least the Yankees aren’t going knuts spending big bucks on the likes of Juan Pierre and Gary Matthews, Jr. Good grief. Meanwhile, here is the final word on the AL MVP award, from our pal Steve Goldman.

But finally, let me leave you with this before you dig in to the bird mit all der fixings, football, and all that other soporific stuff. For me–and undoubtedly for many of you too–one thing to continue being thankful for are two of the most amazing websites of all-time: retrosheet and baseball-reference.com. Actually, they are in cohoots with each other these days, which is a beautiful thing. Here, check out the 2006 Yanks for example. You can click on Schedule, Transactions, Lineups, and Batting Orders. It’s a Nerd’s Delight, believe me. Talk about one-stop shopping. So to all the guys at B-Ref and Retrosheet, we owe you a great deal of thanks. Rock on. You’ve made the world a better place for seamheads near and far.

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--Earl Weaver