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Crusing for a Bruisin’

Everything is cool. The Yankees aren’t scoring any runs and I haven’t had a tantrum…yet. I watched the end of yesterday’s game and saw Alex Rodriguez strike out for the fourth time. He was caught looking in his first three at bats against B. Banny, and fell behind the count quickly his fourth time up. Then he fouled off a few pitches and laid off another couple of sliders just off the plate. I had a great feeling that he was going to hit the ball hard. That something good was about to happen. I generally don’t feel that way about him, which says more about me as a nervous fan of my hometown team, than it does about Rodriguez. But he eventually chased a ball out of the zone and went down swinging.

Someone is going to pay and soon. With our heroes Jeter and Posada* hurting, it’s up to the rest of the boys to get the lead out. That’s easier said than done, particularly with Mr. Grienke on the hill for the Royals tonight. Here’s hoping Ian Kennedy comes through with a nice effort.

Let’s Go Yan-Kees.

According to Will Carroll at BP:

The Yankees got more bad news than just the Captain’s injury this week, as Posada had more problems with his shoulder. He couldn’t complete a game behind the plate, and now his swing is even more affected by the pain, eliminating DHing as an alternative option. Worse, Peter Abraham is reporting that Posada says his arm feels “dead,” noting that the problem is at the back of the shoulder. The Yankees will send Posada for imaging and tests, and have made the call for a replacement, fueling speculation that he’s headed to the DL. It’s too early to put a real expectation on how long he’ll be out, though it’s not too early for some pundits to already start pinging Brian Cashman for re-signing an older catcher. I’d remind them that this is a new injury and that Posada wasn’t showing this issue in spring training. Posada actually points to an awkward throw that he made on April 1 as the root cause of this injury.

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