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I take a look at the Brian Fuentes signing over at SI.com today and conclude that, while that’s all well and good, the Angels sure could use some more offense now that Mark Teixeira is a Yankee. Or, to use my own words:

If Angels fans want a cause to get behind, they should lobby their team to add a bat so that Fuentes, Arredondo and company actually have some leads to protect. By signing Fuentes, the Angels have filled their cart, but they’re still in need of a horse.

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1 Bum Rush   ~  Jan 1, 2009 3:40 pm

You left out the most important bit though: What hitter is a good fit for them though? The outfield is already clogged with contracts between Matthews, Hunter, and Rivera. Vlad moves like Fred Samford (to steal a joke from Simmons) and should DH. So, Manny isn't a good fit. Dunn could man 1B, but there's a reason NL teams were reluctant to play him there. Giambi is the same problem.

There just weren't good options for them out there after Tex. So I could see why they're interested in more insurance for late leads. Plus, with that division, 88-90 wins could take the playoff spot. If Morales and/or Wood come in and hit like they're capable of, they'll score enough runs. There's an argument to be made for Manny (and pushing Rivera to the bench), I suppose, but you didn't make.

2 Bum Rush   ~  Jan 1, 2009 3:44 pm

And of course I blew the joke with shoddy typing - Fred SaNford.

3 Joel   ~  Jan 1, 2009 3:55 pm

My sense is they will look for bargains at the Bobby Abreu/Pat Burrell level.

4 Cliff Corcoran   ~  Jan 1, 2009 4:05 pm

Space issues, Bum Rush, I get about 800-1,000 words on SI and my assignment was initially focused on the effect on Arredondo, so it seems irresponsible to use up the necessary space to get into the offensive alternatives. They can win that division without making any other changes, but they'll lose in the ALDS yet again unless they give their offense a boost.

Matthews and Rivera are really part-time players, and Rivera didn't get paid enough to force Scioscia to play him more than that. Hunter and Matthews are excellent fielders, so the Halos can survive swapping one of those sluggers and Vlad between the OF and DH in order to keep both fresh when they're in the field. Burrell or Dunn would seem to be the better options given that both at least have experience at 1B if Morales doesn't come through. Dunn is the better of the two, is younger, and is left-handed, which would make him a good fit between righties Vlad and Hunter in the order. That said, I've thought all along that Manny would wind up with the Angels (imagine Manny + Vlad back-to-back!). Ultimately, though, their need is big enough that they can't go wrong adding any of those guys.

5 williamnyy23   ~  Jan 1, 2009 6:26 pm

The Angels have to add a bat. Even though they might still be able to win that division without one (although I think the A's could be a threat this season), the gial still has to be actually getting to the World Series. Without another big bat, they might not have enough. Clearly, Manny is the best option because he is the best bat, but I think Dunn also works very well for the Angels, especially because he can play 1B. What's more Dunn patient, high BB/high K approach is a perfect complement for Vlad's aggressive low BB/low K attack. As a lefty and right, I think Vlad and Dunn would be a formidable duo.

6 Bum Rush   ~  Jan 1, 2009 6:56 pm

Ah, thanks. Crazy that you have space limitations on the website. Or does that piece appear in print too?

True on Matthews as also a part-timer. But his contract is tough to swallow as a part-timer. Worse, for them, if Vlad splits time at DH - who plays that RF? Only Vlad really has the arm. And would Dunn or Burrell have the range? They're screwed. That's what they get for giving $140 million to Hunter/Mathews. I guess they could sacrifice an arm with Mathews in RF and then slide Dunn/Burrell/Manny into LF on days when Vlad DHs.

Manny and Vlad would definitely be worth the ticket cost (though I'm still hoping the Yanks make a run at him for a very reasonable two-year contract - A-Rod and Manny!?). Dunn probably makes more sense for them. But unless they pull a Cashman, it doesn't seem like a slugger is on their radar. Maybe they're deciding to save the money and make a run a Holliday later in the season (with their stocked system) or next winter?

7 OldYanksFan   ~  Jan 1, 2009 7:22 pm

3 year (2006-08) accum of WinShares:

Bobby Abreu (54)
Adam Dunn (44) - average about 350 ABs/yr
Pat Burrell (59)
Giambino (45) - average about 375 ABs/yr
Vlad Guerrero (80) - DMAN! Still a stud
Manny Ramirez (78)
Tori Hunter (64) - more then 25% for defense
Mike Cameron (69) - Can this be ? More then 25% for defense
Melky the Milkdud - 13, 13 and 5
Milton Bradley (45) - Only 325 ABs/yr
XMan Nady (46) - About 425/ABs yr (seems hi to me)

Frankly, I'm not sure how defensive Winshares works, as they dont have negative numbers. But if you believe this is a relatively decent was to compare player impact....

Give Dunn 550 ABs, and he averages 70 WS. I don't know how much $$$/years Burrell will 'command'. Dunn looks liike the best bang for the buck, and is quite a bit younger then this group.

8 williamnyy23   ~  Jan 1, 2009 7:46 pm

[7] Win shares are based on a team's win total, so I've never really liked it as a metric. Also, the calculation is very complicated and included a lot of assumptions that almost have to be taken at face value.

That aside, I don't get your point about Dunn. He has had over 500 ABs in each of his past three seasons, so I am not sure where you got that 350 average.

9 OldYanksFan   ~  Jan 1, 2009 8:49 pm

[8] My bad Willaim. 2008 was split between 2 teams and I missed it. You are correct. He has average more then 525 ABs/yr.

10 OldYanksFan   ~  Jan 1, 2009 8:49 pm


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