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News of the Day – 7/27/09

Today’s abbreviated NOTD is brought to you by anagrams (“A DARN FEMINIST”, “I’M A DAFT SINNER”, “I’M SATAN, FRIEND”)  and Robitussin:

(Brett) Gardner fractured his left thumb during Saturday’s 6-4 loss to the Athletics and was placed on the 15-day disabled list on Sunday. He will be in a cast for approximately two weeks. . . .

A 25-year-old rookie, Gardner injured himself while breaking up a double play in the first inning on Saturday, sliding into second baseman Mark Ellis and reaching his left hand out to touch the base.

“I’ve done it hundreds of times,” Gardner said. “Usually, my hand slides over the base, but for some reason, my thumb didn’t get up high enough. It’s one of those freak things that happens.”

Gardner knew that something was not right after the play, but he figured that he might have strained a ligament and did not mention the pain. He stroked a run-scoring triple in the sixth inning and earned applause with a throw to third base in the seventh inning, preventing a runner from advancing.

“It’s part of what I love about him,” Girardi said. “He played at a pretty high level after he broke his thumb. Players are going to have things that happen all the time. During the heat of battle, you don’t feel them a lot of times as much.”

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