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Hall of Mirrors

The Twitter says the Yankees have signed Bill Hall to a minor league deal (Erik Boland of Newsday got their first).

Last week, Steven Goldman explained why Hall won’t cut it.

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1 Bruce Markusen   ~  Feb 7, 2012 4:53 pm

If Hall can revert to his 2010 form, he can help the Yankees. I suppose he'll give Nunez some competition, which is a good thing. But if Hall can't play anymore and they trade Nunez, then what?

2 Chris in Sydney   ~  Feb 7, 2012 5:01 pm

No sir, I don't like it.

3 Sliced Bread   ~  Feb 7, 2012 5:34 pm

Did Chavez want too much? Is he hurt?
Why has he not been resigned?

4 Mr OK Jazz Tokyo   ~  Feb 7, 2012 6:21 pm

Hall is fine. As long as they stay away from Ibanez, he's more than cooked.
Minor transactions..I'm bored. When is Opening Day??

5 Chris in Sydney   ~  Feb 7, 2012 6:28 pm

[3] Good questions. He seems to have disappeared.

If I had to guess, I would say he's hurt -- because that's usually the case. I thought he did a good job in the field last year, but his power is gone and he seems unable to stay healthy. I would pass if I were the Yanks because he's going to end up on the DL anyway.

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