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Beatlemania at Fifty


The 1965 Playboy Interview with the Beatles. 

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1 GaryfromChevyChase   ~  Feb 7, 2014 1:45 pm

Thanks for posting the Beatles story for the obvious reasons.

More thanks for posting anything of Jean Shepherd's. Most folks today probably associate him with the annual showing of his Christmas Story and the quest for the bb gun (and his father's one-legged lamp), but I remember him as the extraordinary story-teller and rambler on WOR in the 50's into the 70's. Someone actually uploaded over 1100 episodes at http://shepcast.blogspot.com/ under the title "The Brass Figlagee." Production values are not the best, but not much worse than listening to them on a hand held transistor radio at 10 pm while walking the dog. And for a great read, try his best book: "In God We Trust - All Others Pay Cash."

2 RagingTartabull   ~  Feb 7, 2014 2:57 pm

might be time to track down "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" for a watch this weekend.

3 Capital Yank   ~  Feb 7, 2014 4:48 pm

Worldwide leader reporting that Arod dropped his suit against MLB, the commish and the union.

4 rbj   ~  Feb 7, 2014 5:58 pm

[3] Looks like we won't have a-Rod to kick around anymore.

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