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Push it Along


In the middle of yesterday’s game a group of dozen pigeons settled in short right field pecking for seeds. They spread out–a few were combing the third base line for seeds–which prompted a girl sitting in front of us to say, “The birds are the most exciting thing that’s happened so far.”

And she wasn’t far off. The crowd was dead and the person who directs the chants and rallies over the P.A. system didn’t do much to encourage us. Neither did the Yankees, especially their hitters who were off-balance all game long. They scored a couple of runs and it turns out that was enough against an even more hapless offensive team. One encouraging note was the 7-pitch, 3-out performance by Dellin Betances. Justin Wilson and Andrew Miller was good, too.

The Yanks won, 2-1, and every win is a good one, even the ones that are less than inspired.

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