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Light in August


I’m not sure if C.C. Sabathia has talked about his sobriety this summer, but if he is still sober—no small accomplishment in a first year of sobriety—that is precisely what I’m curious about. Sabathia has been victimized by a ton of dinky hits this year and I wonder if he has a longer view on such occupational misfortune now. Does being sober impact the way he handles disappointment? How is the baseball life different now that he isn’t drinking? Is it even something he talks to his teammates about? I wonder.

Yesterday, C.C. reminded me of David Wells, smooth, expert, he was really pitching out there. Ran into some bad luck and got hit with a loss as the O’s took the final game of the series, 5-0. It happens. That said, C.C. has been one of the best things about the team this year. I’m happy for the big man.

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