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52 Pickup

Whaddayou know, the Yanks are half-a-game in front for the lead in the AL East (also by virtue of having played three games less than the Red Hots), and depending on how you look at it either are the best team in MLB by winning percentage or third best by total wins. This without being at full strength too; Tanaka and Montgomery are missing from the starting rotation, Gary Sanchez is taking a ten-day trip to the DL after a really unlucky/startlingly poor start offensively and the New Monster On The Block being relatively average to sub-optimal.  That’s not to mention Greg Bird finally getting healthy enough to contribute Heinz horseshit at the plate.  But we know what the deal is. Judge is seeming to make some adjustments and settling into a productive streak, whether or not that means more tank jobs is relative at this point.  Sir Didi is also slowly getting back on track, while Hicks and Gardner have both continued to contribute when you least expect it.  Severino is the unquestioned Lord of the Rotation and there’s promise with German and the Thunder from AA Under, Jonathan “Johnny Lasagna”  Loaisiga. Austine Romine is the new Francisco Cervelli (hopefully without the juice) and of course, our true MVPs are the kids the team didn’t think were ready to even start the season with the big team; Miguel Andujar and Gleyber Torres.  How bad do you think the Yanks would have fallen off without these two?

So with all that, maybe we can discuss what the Yanks can do to sustain their current level of productivity and perhaps build on it.  There’s an obvious need for another top flight starter to share the burden of being consistently good with Sevi.  Sonny Gray is not the guy; if he’s inconsistent with Romine as his caddy, what will it come to when he has no choice but to pitch consistently with Sanchez? It’s a problem many wink at, but few really want to get into depth about. C.C. is older now, and old for a starter of his stature and accumulated mileage.  He’s had a few bad luck starts, but mainly he hasn’t been able to stretch the game enough to give the bullpen a break (back to that soon). German is not the guy… yet.  He and Johnny are both tasked with difficult missions; hold down the rotation until reinforcements arrive.  The latter has been brilliant in two starts, but the sample is still insignificant.  German has been alternately brilliant and lousy, but again you can’t blame him so much because he was supposed to be getting innings on the farm like Justus Sheffield (which makes you wonder what’s going on with Chance Adams, who is ostensibly the next starter on the call-up list were it not for Johnny skipping the line).  Tanaka had also been on/off from the start, which seems to have become his M.O. the last couple of years. So what can all this inconsistency be attributed to? Could the difference be as simple as age, or when Sevi sought advice/training with fellow D.R. compatriot and the Yanks’ nemesis Pedro Martinez? Hmmm… if he ends up winning the Cy Young or dominating in the playoffs, I would certainly advocate for the Yanks putting aside their differences (or pride) and hiring Pedro as their minor league pitching guru before anyone else gets the idea (that is, if Pedro is capable of doing the same).

As for the bench, they have to figure out a way to get Fraizer and Drury back up; those guys are wasting away in Scranton and can contribute right away. Neil Walker, thanks for holding the fort down. Tyler Austin, I’d miss you, but we could get a good lefty relief pitcher for you and Shreve…. well, maybe not put a damper on things with a deal like that.

All in all, the Yanks are either in a good place or really fortunate, all things considered.  They can deal from a position of strength if they want to, but I have a better feeling they will hold with what they have and replenish their pitching/catching stock in the minors.  Still holding out hope that the few under-performers will get really hot soon (Stanton seems to thrive in the heat, and that hasn’t been a key feature in the Northeast of late) and they can keep two steps ahead of the Sox for the east.  As has been the last few years, pitching will determine whether they pass or fail, and hopefully the rotation will not be out of gas when September and October become a thing.

Enjoy the game!

The Lost Weekend

Another lost weekend for the Yanks in Tampa, punctuated by some bad luck—and an injury that sent Gary Sanchez to the DL—yesterday. Sanchez will be gone for a month.

Please, yes, let’s forget that series ever happened.

And here’s hoping the Yanks gather themselves this week against the Phillies before a big weekend series against the Red Sox in the Bronx.

Never mind the lapse:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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These Guys, Again

Ever since Griffey and Edgar and Buhner and the Big Unit and the rest of them I can’t help but be irritated by the Seattle Mariners. When they’re good, that is. And when they’re bad, I don’t have the same kind of compassion I have for the Indians or the Rangers or Padres or any other hard-luck franchise. I mean, the Mariners have never even made the Whirled Serious, you’ve gotta have empathy with that. And yet, I don’t. Not since Griffey and Edgar.

The Yanks split the game-and-a-half in Washington yesterday and now are back for three agains the smokin’ hot M’s. Would be seriously annoying if Seattle comes in and walks over the Yanks, but you can see it happening, right? They played well against the Sox and are on a roll. Here’s hoping the Yanks don’t sleep or get put to sleep.

We’ll be her root-root-rootin’ them on.

Never mind the bum rush:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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Wednesday Night in the Bronx

Sox won again today—man, you seen the box scores this afternoon? nobody is scoring any runs. The Yanks will try to keep pace tonight with Sonny G on the hill. Bombers won last night, 3-0, thanks to a pair of singers by Didi and a good start by C.C. and more ace work out of the pen.

More, please.

Never mind the strikeouts:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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Sunday Gravy

Welp, the Mets scored first on Friday and Saturday but the Yanks won both games, both close. Tonight gives Luis Severino who has been on a roll. So, either he’s due for a stinker, or he is going to just fine.

Either way, here we are, root-root-rootin’ the cross-towners on:

Never mind the broomsticks:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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Oh, You Again

Ugh, it’s that time again. Subway Serious. Yanks will face the Mets’ two best pitchers this weekend. The Mets have been slumping lately, their season a series of bad news and failure. Let’s hope the Yanks win two of three and move on without incident.

Never mind the dummies:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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Travelin’ Blues

So the Yanks shipped off to Detroit and split a double-header because that’s what happens in double-headers. Luis Severino was aces in the opener, and Austin Romine hit a long home run. Mike Stanton got plunked by an old friend and returned the favor with a dinger and some extra mustard but the Yanks dropped the nightcap, 4-2.

They’re up in Toronto for a pair and news comes in that Jordan Montgomery is done for the year—TJ surgery.

Nobody said it was going to be easy.

Never mind the trade winds:

Let’s Go Yank-ees!

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