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Morning Art


Photograph by Thomas Prior (via MPD).

Morning Art


Beautiful photograph by Paul Meleschnig via MPD.

Morning Art


A Study of “The Room” by Hisaji Hara (via Biblioklept).

En Francais


The French New Wave…


Pictures by Raymond Cauchetier


over at Everyday I Show.


Afternoon Art


Photograph by Ana Grigolia via MPD.

Afternoon Art


GWB, New York, New Jersey, 1960 by David Vestal.

Morning Art


Photograph by the great William Eggleston.

Afternoon Art


Marianne Faithful by Robert Maplethorpe (1975)

Afternoon Art



Photograph by Elliott Erwitt (1946).

Afternoon Art


My mother had a print of this 1931 photograph of Greta Garbo by Clarence Sinclair Bull hanging on the wall behind her desk in her office for years.

Afternoon Art


Picture via The Absolute Best Photography Posts.

Afternoon Art


More melancholy beauty from our man Bags. 

Morning Art

tim-burns04Rothko Seascapes by Tim Burns. 


Morning Art


Picture by our man Bags. Who has been on fire of late.

Morning Art


Picture via Aberrant Beauty. 

Where & When: Game 34

Nope, you’re eyes do not deceive you, we are back with yet another Where & When.  It’s been a rather tight few weeks for me, but here I am popping in for a minute with another challenge for you to tackle.  I’ve been sifting through a number of sources for interesting photos that are also large enough to post; that’s been an issue for me because there are quite a few pictures I would like to use, but they are just too darn small.  I’ll finagle with Adobe Illustrator when I have time so that I can resize the small ones without pixelation, but in the meantime let your eyes fly over this fancy:

Where & When Game 34

The city seems to have a a long love affair with fire escapes, and this was certainly no exception.  I feel this one’s distinctive enough to come up with the answer fairly quick, so your job is to find out the address of this building and the date the year the pic was taken (that will be surprisingly easy as well), and also tell us if you can how long the building has or had existed (year built, how old it is now or when it was shut down/demolished) .  Bonus points if you know anything about the photographer(!)

As usual, show us how you came to your answers. Your favorite brand of hot cocoa in a giant mug if you are the first with the answers, a nice cup of tea for us stragglers and a cookie for the bonus.  I will be in and out through the day, but I’ll be studying so please forgive me for not getting back right away.  No peeking at the photo credit and feel free to answer and discuss in the comments.  Have fun folks, see you later in the day!

[Photo credit: Read Media]

Morning Art


Photograph by Boris Ovini.

Afternoon Art


Photograph via Awake My Soul.

Afternoon Art


So good. 

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