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Please leave any suggestions you have for the site, or any bug reports, in the comments below.

Also, here are some suggestions on navigating the site:

  • Check out the category pages
    If you are interested in only one or two of the topics discussed on Bronx Banter, you can bookmark the category home page, instead of the main home page. Categories are listed in a drop-down menu along the top navigation bar. (Example: Yankees)
  • Subscribe to category feeds
    Instead of bookmarking, you can also subscribe to the feed of a particular category, instead of the whole site. At the bottom of each category home page is a link to the feed for that category. (Example: Yankees feed)
  • Authors are categories
    Each author has their own category. So if you are a fan of one particular author, you can grab just that author’s feed from their category home page. The authors are listed as subcategories under “Staff” along the top nav bar. (Example: Alex Belth)
  • Get a traditional blog layout
    If you’d rather browse the blog (or a category) using a traditional blog layout, you can do that. Click the “browse the full archives” link on the home page of the site, or of the category. (Example: Full site archives)


1 dcw   ~  May 31, 2011 11:19 am

I've tried to post this a couple of times but I don't think it worked. If it did, I apologize for the double (triple? quadruple?) post.

I'd love it if there were category labels next to the headlines on the mobile version of the site. It would help me to find the article I'm looking for when I'm browsing on my iPod.

Thanks for listening, and keep up the great work!

2 Ken Arneson   ~  May 31, 2011 12:01 pm

That's a good idea, dcw. There are some other changes I'd like to see on the mobile side, like comment numbers, too. But I hesitate because the mobile site is 99.99% based on a third party package, and the more custom changes I make to it, the harder it gets to upgrade it if the 3rd party comes out with a new version. Right now the only customization I've done is the header. Remembering to change one thing with each upgrade is easy, remembering ten things is harder.

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