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Beat of the Day


A favorite…

[Photo Via: Lawrence Lee Magnuson]

Beat of the Day


Bags’ Groove:

[Picture by Bags]

Saturdazed Soul


“Welcome”–John Coltrane

[Photo Credit: Farbod Green]

Morning Art

Jazz Portraits by Garth Glazier.

Beat of the Day

[Photo Via Shaolinchild]

Sundazed Soul

Speaking of Coltrane…

[Photo Credit: DeeZet]

Beat of the Day

[Photo Credit: Brian W Ferry]

Beat of the Day

You gots to chill.

Beat of the Day

Miles and Trane.

I Can See Clearly

Baseball later today. Meanwhile, the sky is clear and blue. Enjoy the day. Back later.

Meanwhile, music:

Kansas City Royales Avec Fromage (and other fine condiments)

Everything’s up to date in Kansas City…

…where the eats am good…

…and the ball park is lovely:

The home team is scrappy but remain kind of blue, stuck in last place again:

The Royals are 47-67.

Our old pal, the Ace of the Staff, is on the hill, and I figure he’s gunna have worked-up an appetite. Especially against freakin’ Bruce Chen.

Sure would be nice to see the Score Truck make a pit-stop in town for the weekend.

We’ll be watchin’ and rootin.’

Our boy Cliff does like he do in his new digs:

Let’s Go Yan-Kees!

Beat of the Day

Miles and ‘Trane. ‘Nuff said.

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"This ain't football. We do this every day."
--Earl Weaver