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Picture This


Time flies. I started my tumblr site four years ago today. Man, I love Tumblr. I’ve found so many great sites there, been hipped to so many wonderful pictures.

Check it out if you’re into that sort of thing. Be aware, though, there are some images that are not suitable for the workplace.

[Photo Credit: Mariana Garcia via MPD]

I’ll Tumblr Fuh Ya


Three years ago this month I started a Tumblr blog. Today, I reached my 40,000th post. It’s not a work-friendly site as I post lots of sexy photographs but if you like that sort of thing–along with other photographs, paintings, collages, posters and comic book panels that grab my attention–head on over.

All I can say is: It’s Hard Being Hooked.

[Photo Credit: Ernst Haas]

Afternoon Art


Photograph via Awake My Soul.

Million Dollar Movie

If you love movies you need to bookmark the terrific tumblr site, Cinephilia and Beyond. For starters, check out this great post on the Wood Man, which includes two rare interviews.

[Photo Credit: Brian Hamill]

New York Minute

Nick Gerber has a great tumblr site stuffed with beautiful pictures of our city. Bookmark it.

Big City of Dreams

Thanks to Kottke for pointing out the dope Tumblr site: NYC Past.

I Will Follow

The RXI Files. This here’s a tumblr site to follow.

I'll Tumble Fuh Ya

I just started a Tumblr site for the Banter. Is 50 posts in 24 hours excessive? Dudes, I’m hooked.

Bookmark the bitch and check it out on the reg for artwork and cool stuff to look at.

[Painting by me, gouache on paper, 1997]

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