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While there hasn’t been a dull moment in Tampa, the Mets are having a virtual Love-In at their training camp in Port. St. Lucie. Two days ago, owner Fred Wilpon inspired his troops with a all-in-together-now speech. John Harper reports that everything is coming up roses and daffodils for the Shea-Hey kids with new skipper Art Howe at the helm.

Wilpon’s high school pal, Sandy Koufax was in camp too, talking with Al Leiter. The Post reports that Tom Glavine’s professionalism has already made an impact on his teammates:

Glavine said the main ingredient to success is hard work.

“That’s all part of building up that winning tradition and respect that you want,” Glavine said. “You’re not going to get respect from people unless you earn it, and you earn it by carrying yourself the right way as an individual and a team.

“You go out there, you hustle, you do what you’re supposed to do, and when you win the game, well, you act like you meant to win the game.”

Gary Pettis, the Mets outfield coach, has his hands full with Brett Butler’s boy, Roger Cedeno, but remains hopeful:

“I’d like to see our guys a little more comfortable running after fly balls. I want to make sure we get enough work in so we run smooth so the ball doesn’t look like it’s bouncing. They have to run on their toes. The longer you run, you have to run on your toes and that’s the problem with a lot of outfielders. They don’t stay on their toes. They start out on their toes, but then they start pounding the ground and the ball appears to move on them because their head is going up and down.

“If you don’t work at it,” Pettis adds, “that’s one of the hardest things to pick up.”

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