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It looks as if David Cone will not start the season in Florida after all. According to the Times, Cone will likely pitch a week from tonight against the Expos:

At age 40, Cone has a finite number of pitches left, and the Mets determined that he, and they, are better off if he throws them against major leaguers instead of minor leaguers. So Cone will pitch in an intrasquad game Sunday and, if he recovers normally, he will start next Friday against the Montreal Expos at Shea Stadium, completing his ascent from retirement to the Mets’ fourth starter.

“I was a self-proclaimed long shot coming in,” Cone said, “but I think everybody probably gave me longer odds than that, almost a no shot.

“To have this chance right now,” Cone added, “it’s tremendously exciting.”

I don’t know whether having the 40-year old Cone as your 4th starter is an encouraging sign if you are a Mets fans, but at least it’s an entertaining story for the rest of us. Just keep Roger Angell away from him and he just may do alright.

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