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When I’m not watching baseball—or reading about it, or talking about it, I spend most of my leisure time cooking food and buying records (that is, when I’m not chillin with my beautiful goilfriend, Emily). Even when I’m watching a game, I am likely to have my head in a Marcella Hazan cookbook, while listening to the latest release from Stones Throw records. I also am known to listen to the comedy stylings of George Carlin, Lenny Bruce, Cos, Albert Brooks, or Steve Martin when I fall asleep at night.

On that random note, the great Jazz critic, Nat Hentoff had a piece on Lenny Bruce yesterday, and there is a fun article on Patti LaBelle in the Cooking section of the Times this week that is also worth reading—not to mention a review of fine Philly cuisine (how is that for diversity?).

Pass the hot sauce, baby.

Let’s hope the Yanks can have a little feast of their own in the Motor City over the weekend. I’m excited to see what Jose Contreras will give the Bombers tonight, though I’m not certain that he’ll be great, even against the lowly Tigers.

Oh yeah, and not for nuthing, but my favorite blog entry of the week comes from John Bonnes, who wrote a very touching article yesterday. Just goes to show you, the quality of writing that people like John, Ed Cossette, Christian Ruzich, Jon Wiesman, Jay Jaffe and countless others bring to their blogs goes well beyond the game of baseball.

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"This ain't football. We do this every day."
--Earl Weaver