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The Yankees had Monday off as they flew out west to start a three-game series against the World Champs. That gave them a day to stew in the juices of two difficult weekend losses in Boston. Maybe the team isn’t stewing at all, but that didn’t prevent Boss George from issuing a brief statement. “This will not stand, man. This aggression will not stand,” a stoned Dude once said. The New York Times has an article today about the Yankees’ troublesome bullpen, while Joel Sherman assigns some blame to the Bombers offense, who have been lousy in clutch situations.

Meanwhile, Rob Neyer has a piece comparing Yankee Stadium with Fenway Park. As much as I want to disagree with him, Neyer makes some good points, especially about how loud, and noisy Yankee Stadium is. Almost every time I’m there, I wish they could turn down the volume on the nonsense, and replace it with a simple organist. (For what it’s worth, Neyer does think the Yanks are better than the Sox.)

If you haven’t been to Larry Mahnken’s Replacement Level Yankees Weblog yet, you are missing out. Mahnken delivers the goods; he has made so many sharp observations during the past week, I don’t know where to start (OK, today’s post is about “The Curse of Jeff Nelson”). Do yourself a favor and make his page a part of your daily Yankee fix. You won’t be sorry.

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"This ain't football. We do this every day."
--Earl Weaver