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The Yankees didn’t play a particularly good game last night but they came away with a win anyhow. Baltimore repeatedly opened the door for them, and they refused to take advantage. Andy Pettitte bull-dogged his way into the seventh and earned his 16th win of the year; the Yanks added a couple of runs in the ninth and beat the O’s 5-2.

Jeff Weaver relieved Jesse Orosco with one out in the eighth, and after getting the second out he served up a long home run, which cut the score to 3-2. But Lil Sori, who led off the game with his 10th lead-off homer of the season, had a big, two-run, two-out single in the ninth to seal the victory. Mariano pitched a flawless, four-out save.

Jason Giambi was plunked twice. The second time, he was pelted in the right hand on a 3-0 pitch. Giambi spun around and shook his hand in anger. Yankee fans held their breath. He eventually left the game. Initial x-rays were negative and Giambi said he’s 50-50 for tonight’s game. We’ll see. I’ll be nervous until he’s back in there swinging the bat again.

Lefty relief pitcher Gabe White has joined the team and the Yanks have also picked up another southpaw for the pen in Felix Heredia. Cashman picked him off waivers, blocking him from going to another team. This likely spells the end for Jesse Orosco. Another pitcher must go as well. Either Jeff Weaver will be demoted to the minors or Antonio Osuna could be released.

The Yanks start a three-game series vs. the streaking Chicago White Sox tonight. The Sox play Toronto.

Pedro Martinez continued to master the Mariners yesterday afternoon at the Fens, as Boston swept the M’s to end their grueling two-weeks vs. Oakland and Seattle in fine form. (Martinez might not be happy in Boston, but an angry Pedro is an effective Pedro.) They remain tied with the A’s for the wildcard—Oakland is now tied with Seattle for first place in the west—and trail the Yanks by five (six in the loss column).

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"This ain't football. We do this every day."
--Earl Weaver