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I’ve been gearing up for the Yankees-Twins serious since I woke up in the middle of the night unable to stop thinking about it last Thursday. The Twins are a good team, but I think the Yankees should be able to beat them. If Minnie pulls off the upset it won’t exactly be the Jets over the Colts–the Twins have good pitching, stellar defense and a decent offense.

After losing to the Angels in the first round last year, it is hard to feel too confident in the 2003 squad. These Yankees have to prove themselves. Still, I won’t lie. If they lose in the first round, it would be a disappointing way to end the season. What worries me even more than losing however, is what will happen after they lose. Here is a portion of a letter I got last week from Alan, a Bronx Banter reader:

…There’s King George lurking in the background, and I’m just terrified of what the crazy man might do if we fail to finish in the money for the third straight year. He’s been held marginally at bay since returning from his most recent lifetime suspension, largely because the Yankees were awful when he left and successful when he came back. But it’s obvious that the meddling has increased in recent years — and it can only get worse.

The Boss George Hot Stove Show is an annual event. It cannot be avoided. I just hope that it doesn’t get too ugly. But if the Bombers lose, it undoubtedly will. The only way to prevent heads from rolling, is for the Yankees to win.

Or else. (Cue cliff hanger organ music.)

Be sure and check out Twins fans Aaron Gleeman and John Bonnes analysis during the serious. Both have indepth previews of their sites now. Don’t sleep; take a peek.

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