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The Red Sox high command will be in Arizona today to meet with Curt Schilling. From what I can gather, it is just a matter of time before Arizona’s right-handed ace joins Boston. Here is this morning’s coverage in The Boston Globe, The Boston Herald, New York Times, Daily News and the New York Post. Jayson Stark, who has been close with Schilling since the pitchers’ days with the Phillies, has the scoop at ESPN:

“I’m dealing with this situation exactly how I would if I were a free agent and Boston was a city I was interested in,” Schilling told ESPN.com Monday night. “And I’m going to assess things just the way a free agent would who was thinking about going somewhere.

“I’m concerned about a lot of things — and many of them are not just in the clubhouse and on the field. They’re personal, family issues. And they’re things I have to think about in a very condensed time frame, because by Friday at 5 o’clock, somebody has to have a decision.”

…”In a sense, I’m still standing on the mound with the ball in my hand,” he said, “because nothing has been determined. And nothing will be determined without my wife and I saying yes. That’s just like I’m on the mound. I’m in full control of the situation until the ball leaves my hand. So now, the most important thing to me, in this situation, is to make the right pitch.”

One major selling point for Schilling is the impending hiring of Terry Francona as the next Boston skipper. Schilling played for Francona in Philly.

Before flying out to meet with Schilling today, Boston GM Theo Epstein attended the Celtics-Knicks game last night in Boston with free agent reliever Keith Foulke. Looks like Red Sox Nation is going to have much to be thankful for come Thursday.

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