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1. The Super Bowl proved to be an entertaining affair yesterday. Congrats to the Pats. (How long before the “Yankees Suck” chant begins, or has it already started?) You think Tom Brady will run for public office when his playing days are over? I think he might be the most suitable-looking Boston star since Carlton Fisk.

2. Speaking of the ol’ pigskin, it appears as if the Yankees and Drew Henson are close to parting ways. According to ESPN:

Henson could reach an agreement with the Yankees as soon as Monday night to settle up on the $12 million he’s guaranteed over the next three years so he can pursue NFL offers.

Let me join the inevitable chorus of Yankee fans when I say, “Well, it’s about time.”

3. Buck O’Neil and Don Zimmer were featured players in Gordon Edes’ “Notes” column yesterday. You’ll like what Popeye had to say about his run-in with Pedro Martinez in Game Three of last year’s ALCS:

“Pedro took some heat that he shouldn’t have taken,” Zimmer told the St. Petersburg Times. “They say, `Well, Pedro beat up an old man.’ Pedro didn’t beat up an old man. An old man was dumb enough to go after him. Pedro didn’t do nothing wrong, as far as I’m concerned, and doesn’t owe me an apology. I went after him, and I apologized to everybody for what I did. And I let it go at that.’ “

4. Peter Gammons previews the AL East in his latest column and argues that the Blue Jays could make things tough for the Yanks and Sox:

The Jays may not be able to duplicate their 2003 offense, but even if they lose Carlos Delgado after this season, Toronto has the core of a consistent contender with a perennial MVP candidate in center in Vernon Wells and a lot of high-ceiling kids that will be in the wings at Syracuse: catcher Francisco Quiroz, outfielders Alexis Rios (Puerto Rican League MVP), Gabe Gross and John-Ford Griffin, infielders Russ Adams and Aaron Hill. They now should be able to be in position to contend for the next four years.

In case anyone missed the comment section from my Sunday Post, here is a tidbit that should please Yankee fans:

Jason Giambi has lost 25 pounds and is clearly focused on coming back from the knee surgery and proving he can play first base.

But Jayson Stark thinks there is reason for concern:

The last time Giambi played 140 games at first base was 1999. But the way the Yankees are now constructed, they work best if he plays close to that number at first this year. Suffice it to say, there is tangible skepticism around baseball about his ability to stay healthy enough to do that, no matter how much weight he has lost or how good he is said to look.

“If he has to play in the field full time, he’s going to get hurt,” says one AL scout. “You can take that to the bank.”

Hmmm. Lots to be worried about with Giambi, but since I love his game so much, I gotta remain hopeful.

5. Finally, Rich Lederer has an good piece on future Hall of Famer Gary Sheffield over at Rich’s Weekend Baseball BEAT.

In all, I hope there is a little something for everyone this morning, whether you are hung-over but have somehow managed to trudge in to work, or if you took the day for yourself and are molding-out at home. Hey y’all: fifteen days ’til pitchers and catchers.

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