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Keeping Warm

I want to thank everyone who stopped by and joined the Curt Schilling-Sons of Sam Horn discussion yesterday. It was lively stuff, and a great way to keep warm as we await the start of spring training. There was also a good thread on Baseball Primer, and Boston Dirt Dogs has a link to the SoSH Schilling chat. (Much of what Schilling has to say is engaging; he’s especially insightful when talking about the nuts and bolts of his profession.) Here is what Schilling said about wanting his comments to be off the record (thanks to Jeter’s #1 fan for the information):

Got no problem with BDD [Boston Dirt Dogs] posting this stuff to his site, but as I have asked before I would ask members of the media to keep this stuff here. If you are in the media and really actually care about this kinda thing then you will have 7 months to actually ask me any of these questions if you want, no problem.

To be sure, there will be plenty more on this issue to come (the Dirt Dogs have already come out swinging). For starters, head over and see the terrific post Edward Cossette has up today at Bambino’s Curse.

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