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Et tu?

Aaron Gleeman and Mathew Namee have launced a new baseball website, The Hardball Times. It features a talented crop of writers like Ben Jacobs, Larry Mahnken, Bryan Smith, and Joe Dimino to name just four. I’ve signed up to do some work for them too. Although my name is listed on the front page with the regulars, I will only be an occasional contributor to the site (between my work for all-baseball.com and the book I’m writing, there is only so much additional writing time left). However, Gleeman and Namee have assembled a terrific group, and I’m happy to be associated with them. Quite frankly, I’m as eager as the next guy to follow what they’ve got to say throughout the coming season. Head on over see what they are all about.


Jon Lieber has strained his groin and will miss his first couple of starts of the season. A setback to Lieber doesn’t come as a surprise. For now, the Yankees are content to give a few of his starts to either Donovan Osborne or Jorge DePaula. The team got better news from their ace Mike Mussina, who pitched well yesterday and then offered some typically sardonic words to reporters as to why he chose to come to the Bronx several years back. According to the Post:

“Two World Series, yeah I’m pretty pleased with the choice,” said Mussina after throwing four hitless innings yesterday. “What were my other options?

“I could have gone to the Mets. That’s been smooth across town so far hasn’t it? I could have stayed in Baltimore, that would have been fun. Or, I could have gone to Boston and watched the other side of it for three years.”

Or he could have tipped the balance in favor of the Red Sox.

Hey, in case you missed it, check out Tyler Kepner’s profile of Joe Torre that appeared in the Sunday New York Times. It’s excellent.

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