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Very Serious (Like a Peak Frean)

As I mentioned the other day, I don’t look forward to the annual Subway Serious. I can’t speak for other Yankee fans, but considering how heavily-favored the Yankees usually are, it’s more of a relief than anything else when they beat the Mets. It’s not nearly as gratifying as when the Yanks defeat the Sox or the A’s or even Anahiem as far as I’m concerned. (They are 28-13 against the men from Queens since this nonsense started.) I don’t hate the Mets or Mets fans, though I’ll be rooting hard against them this weekend. And yeah, when the Mets beat the Yankees, I do get extra vexed. (How can I forget Matt Franco’s game-winner off of Mo.) But while some of the newer Mets are amped about all the hoo-ha, the veteran Yankees have grown weary of this match-up. Joe Torre hit the nail of the head when he told the Times:

“It’s not a rivalry,” Torre said. “It’s a rivalry more to management than it is to me or the players, because you don’t have to beat them out for anything in terms of the division. It’s more a battle for recognition in the city – not in the standings, in the city. I still put it in the exhibition category. Not that you’re not trying to win, but you’re still playing a team from the other league.”

The Mets get a break of sorts as they’ll face a rookie and Jose Contreras. The Yanks are fortunate to miss Tom Glavine. Regardless of what goes down, be sure and check out the host of great Mets sites linked on the right-hand column, inlcuding The Eddie Kranepool Society, The Raindrops, Jeremy Heit’s Blog, The Shea Hot Corner, Saber Mets, and of course, the fellas over at Yankees, Mets and the Rest.

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