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Here’s Mud in Yer Eye (Why Can’t We Be Friends?)

You Gots To Chill

In the latest edition of “Rivals in Exile,” both Ben Jacobs and Larry Mahnken get testy with each other while making some astute observations about the nature of the Yankee-Red Sox rivalry. I’ve noticed this season that the “comments” section here at Bronx Banter really gets fired up whenever the Yanks and Sox are playing–sometimes even before or after they play. Such was the case on Monday. I get a lot out of reading the comments because it’s an opportunity to interact directly with readers as well as a chance to learn more about baseball. I’m pleased that there is a group of regular Red Sox fans who frequent the site; I love getting both sides of the rivalry. My only complaint is when the conversation lowers itself to trash-talking and base insults. Believe me, I know how heated things get when it comes to this rivalry. That’s part of what makes it so intense and passionate. But I’d like to ask those of you who like to add your two-cents–Yankee and Sox fans alike–to make a concerted effort to keep the conversation honest, intelligent, as well as humorous and effusive. If you feel the need to sound-off like a clown, please do it somewhere else. It’s boring, man. Plus, it kills the spirit of the dialogue, which is shame, because reading the comments is something I look forward to each day.

OK, end of lecture. I’d appreciate it if we can respectful of each other, especially if we disagree. Thanks.

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