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Kind of Blue

Man, am I ever looking foward to getting some sleep. I feel OK today except when I look at the papers or ESPN, so you know what? I decided to stop looking. As awful as it was for the Yankees to lose like this, it doesn’t compare to the pain of losing in 81 or 95 or maybe even 2001. Though it ended bitterly, I’m proud that the Yankees played so hard this season and gave us more memories–both good and bad–for the vaults. I really liked the team this season. Until last night’s dud, every single game of the ALSC was thrilling. They might not always win, but you can’t say the Yankees are boring. They’ve made the competition better and they are still a tough out. And that is good for the game. Sure, I’m subdued today. But we Yankee fans have got a decade worth of warm memories to keep us warm throughout the winter (never mind the 20th century). Truthfully, I wouldn’t trade places with any other fanbase, would you?

I wanted to mention how much I appreciate the kind words so many readers left in the comments section last night. I started this blog almost two years ago so that I could write about baseball on a regular basis. I did it for my own satisfaction. But after awhile I became aware that I had an audience. I always try to write with the reader in mind but still this blog is a labor of love and I primarily do it for myself. The fact that it has entertained a group of you out there really means a lot to me. I feel as if your presence keeps me in check and helps make me a better writer. I’m a continue writing during the off-season, so stop on by if you are so inclined. Just cause the season is over for the Yanks, doesn’t mean I’m going on hiatus. As Earl Weaver once told Tom Boswell, “This is baseball, we do this everyday.” (Well, almost everyday.)

I also want say how much I’ve enjoyed reading Steven Goldman, Larry Mahnken (and company), Jay Jaffe, Cliff Corcoran, Derek Jacques, Steve Bonner, Shawn Bernard, Patrick O’Keefe, Travis Nelson, Joe Sheehan and the other great Yankee voices on the Net this year. I’m happy to belong to this kind of club that would have somebody like me as a member.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the post-season. Y’all come back now, ya hear?

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"This ain't football. We do this every day."
--Earl Weaver