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Let me take this opportunity to piggy-back Steve Lombardi’s post today about Ceclia Tan’s new book, “The 50 Greatest Yankee Games.” Tan is an eclectic author who has written extensively about the Yankees for some time now; she was able to interview Yankee greats like Yogi Berra, Jerry Coleman, Roy White, Reggie Jackson and Don Mattingly and Paul O’Neill for her book (if you want a complete listing of Tan’s interviews, including ones with Elliott Maddux and Jim Kaat, click here). This book is choice beach/bathroom/bedtime reading material for the die-hard Yankee fan. Lots of fun. And just to be balanced for you Yankee haters out there, may I suggest “Yankees Suck!” by Jim Gerard. This one should be right up your alley. The title says it all.

Speaking of plugs, be sure to peep Yankee coverage this season on Off the Facade and Pinstripe Alley, two more Yankee blogs.

Lastly, while he doesn’t think it’s time to panic just yet, Dayn Perry think there is plenty for Yankee fans to be concerned about:

This team’s substantial flaws have been laid bare in the early days of the season, and since they have exactly one prospect worth mentioning, it’ll be difficult to haul in any superstar solutions at the trade deadline. If the Yankees had been more creative this winter in assembling the bullpen, picked up Jon Lieber’s option, signed Matt Clement and landed Carlos Beltran, they’d be in much better shape. Instead, they spent their money unwisely, and that’s beginning to show.

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1 ArnfnBoone   ~  Apr 22, 2005 11:14 am

1.  I agree - we could be looking at an outfield of Matsui, Vlad and Beltran right now. Jon Lieber is 4-0. I think Pavano will pan out - jury is still out on Wright. The Big Unit got knocked around early in the season last year too - I think it just takes him a bit to warm up so I'm not too worried about him. I'm fairly sure I can pitch better than Kevin Brown right now. If the Yanks don't do it this year I think the window closes for a few years. I hate to say this but it might be time for Joe and Mel to step down - I think this club needs a manager with a little fire in his belly. The American League is better than ever - they have their work cut out for them.

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