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Getting Late Early

My girlfriend is rooting for the White Sox to win the World Serious but more than anything she’d like the Astros to win a couple of games just to extend the season some. She isn’t ready for it to end. I can relate. I was exhausted after the 2003 and 2004 Yankee-Red Sox wars and welcomed the winter rest, but spring training can start tomorrow as far as I’m concerned. Em and I snuggled up on the couch last night and as we talked about the game, I realized how fortunate I am to have a partner who not only tolerates baseball but thoroughly enjoys it as well. Ms Shorty, all foot foot and three-quarters of her, announced to me that she was going to name every team in the American League. Which she did, slowly but surely, followed by every team in the National League. She nailed that too, and clapped her hands excitedly at the accomplishment and then insisted that I mention her feat in this space today (and just who am I to say no). Boy, was she ever proud of herself. Like I said, I’m mad lucky.

We actually turned in before the game went to extra innings and I kept waking up in the night wondering what had happened. I even dreamt about the outcome–which had the Astros winning 6-5. Much to my surprise–and I won’t lie, delight–the White Sox pulled it out in 14 innings. It was the longest game in Serious history: goodness. While most of America is tuning this Serious out, there at least are some diehards that got precious little sleep last night.

Speaking of sleepless, the perputually sleep-deprived Brian Cashman–baseball’s answer to Jeff Van Gundy–is expected to sign a new contract to remain the general manager of the New York Yankees. Again, nothing concrete went down on Tuesday, but Joel Sherman reports that there are two possible deals on the table: one for four years at $8.8 million, and another for three years at $5.6 million. (Meanwhile, Theo Epstein, whose contract is also due to expire next week, is negotiating with the Red Sox.) The season isn’t over and yet the beat goes on for the Yanks and Sox.

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