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Meat Market

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Yankees are close to signing Kyle Farnsworth to a three-year deal worth more than $17 million. Last season Cliff and I agreed that “Meat” was a fitting nickname for Carl Pavano, but if the Yanks ink Farnsworth, Pavano will face some stiff competition for the moniker. They have different builds–Farnsworth is sculpted and looks as if he just stepped out of a comic book, and I’m willing to bet that ol’ Kyle is a good deal dimmer than Carl. At least we know he’s effective in a brawl. Farnsworth is the proto-typical “million dollar arm, ten cent head” Nuke Laloosh hurler. Perhaps he’s better than I give him credit for, and maybe he’ll be as good if not better than Flash Gordon, but I’m still cautious. He does throw gas, and has a nasty breaking ball, but there is something about the guy I just don’t trust. This might not be fair, but the sports radio caller in me is thinking Benitez-lite (and Armando is good, just dubious in big spots). Oh, well. I don’t have to like the guy. Hopefully, I’m wrong and he’ll be a success if he comes to town.

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