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The Black Boid

Dag, it got brick cold again in New York this weekend. Em and I watched “The Maltese Falcon” last night. “This is good,” she tells me (like I don’t know). I say, “Sure it is, honey” without trying to sound like a stuffed shirt. Today gives cooking–for me at least–a hearty soup, a pot of marinara sauce for whenver, and Emily’s weekly soy-nut-bulgar-surprise (hey, I don’t ask questions when it comes to her food, I just cook it, bro).

Breifly, crusing around the local papers, here are a few tidbits:

Tyler Kepner on Aaron Small; Bill Madden on Ron Guidry; Joe Torre on Mariano Rivera; Brian Cashman on Gary Sheffield, and finally, George Steinbrenner on Ozzie Guillen (and yeah, I purposely avoided Ozzie’s SI quotes earlier this week because the last thing we need is the comments section to spin out all day on another boring Alex Rodriguez-is-a-phony debate). For what it is worth, Guillen issued a public apology to Rodriguez.

Hey, any fans out there planning on going to spring training this year? I’ve never been myself, but if you are gunna go, or if you’ve been in the past, I’d love to hear what it is like. Might help keep us all warm on a cold day in the Big Apple.

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